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Raw organic cocoa butter, 180 g


Raw cocoa butter is great for making fresh chocolates, desserts, beverages and also for cosmetic use.

Raw cocoa butter obtained from cocoa beans. In the raw process the production process is adjusted so that the temperature does not rise to more than 45° C.

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Raw organic cocoa butter is made from cacao beans. In the process, the temperature does not rise to more than 45°C. Cocoa butter has an aromatic smell and a mild chocolate taste, which is why cocoa butter is the main ingredient in chocolate (also homemade) and chocolate desserts.

But it is not only useful in the kitchen. It is also popular in cosmetics.

Cocoa butter is rich in fatty acids and phytochemicals (chemical compounds obtained from plants and their fruits). Fatty acids from cocoa butter create a protective layer on the skin that protects the skin. Cocoa butter can even help with rashes and eczema, and rubbing and massaging this butter into the skin can help heal scars, stretch marks and reduce wrinkles. It is not too greasy and therefore allows control of the amount when applying to the skin. At the same time, it has an intoxicating smell, which for many is a decisive factor when choosing body care.


drobTinka’s raw cocoa butter has an aromatic scent and has a delicate chocolate taste. It can be used for both nutritional and cosmetic purposes.

Recipe: 100 g Cocoa Butter, 80 g Cacao Powder, 20 g Coconut Butter and Agave Syrup if desired. Melt cocoa and coconut butter over steam. Then mix the cacao powder and agave syrup. There should be no lumps in the mass. Pour the prepared mass into the moulds and place in the freezer. When the chocolate hardens the pralines are ready. Watch out because they disappear very quickly!


100 % cocoa butter*

*ingredients are raw and organic quality

No added sugar. It contains naturally occurring sugars.

Store in a dry place away from direct sun.


per 100 g
Calories / Energy Value3731 kJ / 907 kcal
Fats100 g
of which Saturated61 g
Carbohydrate1,0 g
of which Sugars0,1 g
Dietary Fiber0,5 g
Protein0,6 g
Salt0,0 g


Produced and distributed by DROBTINKA D.O.O., Zabukovica 62, 3302 Griže, Slovenia, Europe

Lot and BEST BEFORE are printed on the top of the packaging.

We keep our production facility safe of gluten, nuts, and others food allergens except coconut.


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